Be a Volunteer! Exciting Projects to Complete!

As Inventor of SuperChimney I was pleased to see large number of emails from many people who contacted me with their questions and suggestions on improvement of my invention. I see that some people look at SuperChimney as a panacea to the Global Warming, others criticize all conceivable aspects of my invention.

I want to take SuperChimney idea to the next level, where it is built and our planet is saved from the Global Warming. However, before it happens, the idea has to gain ground among general public and scientific community. There are many aspects of the SuperChimney that need to be researched and developed. Some of them are:

  • developing mathematical / computer model for the process of air flow
  • calculations of mechanical strength for the structure and different designs
  • finding a right material to build the chimney
  • feasibility studies and economic analysis of the project
  • legal implications and concerns for building the SuperChimney in different countries.
  • besides all of the above, the Idea needs to be promoted and lobbied to the highest political establishment to get the Government backing.
  • Naturally, I can not get it all done by myself. So here is my proposal to everybody reading this website: BE A VOLUNTEER! If you are proficient in any of the above areas, please, give me your help. Stop talking about Global Warming and start acting to stop it! I encourage EVERYBODY to take part in this project. For more information please contact me at